Twenty-Sixth Sunday Year A: September 27th

Sat. September 26th

Watergrasshill: Vigil Mass 7pm

Pa Cronin, Killuntin. (A)

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Sun. September 27th

Glenville: Mass 10am

Joe O’Sullivan, Graigue

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Watergrasshill Mass 11.30am

Ellen O’Flaherty, Mitchelsfort. (A)

Mon. September 28th No Morning Mass

Watergrasshill: Funeral Mass 12 noon

Anne McDonagh, nee Barry, Kilburn, London (late of Transtown)

Tues. September 29th

No Mass

No Eucharistic Adoration

Wed. Septermber 30th

Watergrasshill: Mass 9.30am

Family Intention

Eucharistic Adoration 10am to 12noon

Thurs. October 1st

Glenville: Mass 9.30am

John F. Buckley, Glenville. (A)

Eucharistic Adoration 10am to 12noon

Fri. October 2nd First Friday

Glenville: Mass 7pm

Mai O’Herlihy, Graigue (died recently)

Sat. October 3rd Rosary will be recited before Mass

Watergrasshill: Vigil Mass 7pm

Danny and Eily O’Keefe, Ardnageeha (A)

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Sun. October 4th Rosary will be recited before Mass

Glenville: Mass 10am

Eileen Forde, Mullinabouree (A)

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Watergrasshill: Mass 11.30am

Jim Sarsfield, Skehana (A)

Month’s Mind:

Anne McGann,Transtown

We welcome into our Christian Community

Emilia Bialek Horan, Priory Court
Ethan James Dorgan, Knockpogue

Offertory Collection: September 20th . €1067
Second Collection this weekend: Priesthood Studies
Holy Places (collection to date) €247

Watergrasshill Ministers Word
October 3 rd . Eddie Mulholland
4 th . Brendan O’Reilly

Watergrasshill Ministers of the Eucharist
October 3 rd . Charlie Maher
4 th . Siobhan O’Flynn

Glenville Ministers of the Word
October 4 th . Michelle Merritt

Good Intentions
During the ‘lockdown’ many people found
themselves turning to nature. There was a surge
of interest in gardening. We planted seeds,
started herb gardens and tended to flower
Lots of people noticed the birds singing for the
first time in years. In the midst of challenging
times, we found ourselves turning to the
wonder of God’s creation all around us.
As we emerge from a challenging few months,
let us use the Season of Creation to reflect on
how we can do better – to reconnect with God’s
beautiful creation and do all we can to love and
preserve it.
When it comes to caring for the earth, good intentions are not enough.
Our actions matter.

We need stewards at all Masses for both
Watergrasshill and Glenville.

Please call me or the Office to volunteer.
Their duties would be to keep an eye on
available seating and direct people to those
places. We are now reaching full capacity (50) in
each of our Churches and we need to welcome
people in safety for our Masses.
There will be a sign CHURCH FULL left at the
entrance to indicate full capacity.
From the second week of October, priority will
be given to listed townlands as outlined in the
Newsletter. With Station season coming up,
this would also act as a Station Mass and your
Dues could be brought at that time together
with weekly offerings. This should not prevent
others from coming but these townlands will
get guaranteed seating. If we had one person
from the relevant townland who will steward
for that Mass, we would be grateful. Please
continue to use the collection buckets at the
end of each Church for weekly offerings and
Dues when the time comes.
People need to feel safe when they come to
Church, please assist us in making this possible.
Please note the following
– Please do not stand at the rear of the
– Please wear a face covering
– Please observe social distancing while
lining for Holy Communion
– Please do not all leave the Church at
the same time
If you are a visitor, please sign your name and
contact number on the Book at the rear of the