14th Sunday Year A: July 5th

Sat. July 4th

Watergrasshill: Vigil Mass 7pm Dick and May Mackey, Mitchelsfort (A)

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Sun. July 5th

Glenville: Mass 10am William Gowen, Coome (A)

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Watergrasshill Mass 11.30am Noelle Cronin, The Lough (died recently)

Mon. July 6th

Watergrasshill: Mass 9.30am Jack Dawkins, Cousane. (A)

Tues. July 7th

Watergrasshill: Mass 7pm Special Intention (Health care workers)
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Wed. July 8th

Watergrasshill: Mass 9.30am Kevin Cullinane, Sarsfield Court. (died recently)

Eucharistic Adoration 10am to 12noon

Thurs. July 9th

Glenville: Mass 9.30am Nora O’Connell, Enniskeane. (died recently)

Eucharistic Adoration 10am to 12noon

Fri. July 10th

Watergrasshill: Mass 9.30am John Joe O’Herlihy, Ballinlough (died recently)

Sat. July 4th

Watergrasshill: Vigil Mass 7pm

Michael Healy, Corbally
& Jack Ennis, Corbally (A)

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Sun. July 5th

Glenville: Mass 10am Tom Fitzgerald, Bridestown. (A)

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Watergrasshill: Mass 11.30am For the people

Both Churches will now open from 9.00 am. – 6.00 pm.

Christenings: The Sacrament of Baptism can be administered in the Church from June 29th onwards.
Please take note of the following:

Please limit your numbers present to
20 or less; only people from the same
household should sit next to each

Only one christening can take place on
the date chosen.

Dates are:
Any Saturday in Glenville 4.00 pm.
Watergrasshill 5.00 pm.
Hopefully this will cope with any backlog. This
arrangement will remain in place until the end
of the year.
There will be no christenings on a Sunday;
there would be a possible danger of cross
Sister Lily and myself will meet with any of the
couples by arrangement beforehand;
The Baptism Team will return to work after

Home visits with Communion and Anointing will resume in July but not all in the one day. There will be one visit to one particular house in the morning and one in the afternoon until all have been visited. Contact will be made in advance; we probably have everyone’s contact number. Please let the Office know of any changes in contact information.

Adoration will remain confined to the present
times throughout July and August.

This weekend I am a little nervous because of the numbers at Church; which are not meant to be more than 50. Many of the big Churches are not opening at all for weekend Masses, which puts pressure on the rest of us. So we ask that you co-operate with the people showing you the designated seating which are to be filled from the front to back. Please remember the following:
Those who are unwell or nervous in any way are
exempted from Sunday obligation; equally they
can come to daily Mass
Entry is through ALL DOORS which will be kept
open at all times; sanitizing as you enter and
Those in spill-over are welcome to remain
outside the building but we cannot offer
Communion outside, at this time.
Collection is at the END OF MASS AT ALL DOORS
Altar servers will vest in the main body of the
Ministers of the Word are asked to bring their
own Missal for reading.
I will be the only one offering Holy Communion
for a while; Ministers of the Eucharist will
feature again when the permitted numbers rise.

The Blessing of Graves will take place the
following Friday, 10th . 7.00 pm. in Ballinaltig
and 8.00 pm. in Ard na Gaoithe. There will be a
short prayer at the beginning and at the end.
There will be no Mass. Relatives are asked to
stand at their own family graves to ensure social

Altar Servers are asked to come to a Meeting at 3.00 pm on Saturday, July 4th in Glenville
Church and at 4.30 pm in Watergrasshill