Second Sunday of Advent Year C. December 5th

Saturday December 4th

Vigil Mass 7pm

Members of Watergrasshill GAA (living and dead)
Jeto Jabines, Phillipines. (died recently)

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Sunday December 5th

Glenville: Mass 10am

Patsy, Julia & Paul Forde, Mullinabouree. (A)
Derek Cronin, Ballinaglough. (A)

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Watergrasshill: Mass 11.30am

Timmy & Robert O’Keeffe, Ballinaltig. (A)

Monday December 6th

Watergrasshill: Mass 9.30 am.

Nellie O’Farrell, Coolequane. (A)

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Tuesday December 7th

Because of the severe warning for Storm Barra, Mass set for Glenville for Tuesday, December 7th at 7.00pm is CHANGED to Wednesday, December 8th at 7pm. Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Wednesday December 8th – Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Watergrasshill: Mass 9.30am

Gregory Kinsella, London. (died recently)

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Glenville: Vigil Mass 7pm.

Denis J. Martin, Inchinaugh.

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**Adoration: 10am to 12 noon in Watergrasshill

Thursday December 9th

Glenville: Mass 9.30 am

Edward, Kitty & Joe O’Riordan, Church Rd., (A)
Ann Manning, Kilbrittain. (A)
Special Intention

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**Adoration: 10am to 12 noon in Glenville

Friday December 10th

Glenville: Mass 9.30am

Deceased members of the Foley family, Graigue

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Saturday December 11th

Watergrasshill: Mass 7pm

Nora Curtin, St. Stephen’s Tce., (A)
Cecelia Buttimer, Lackandarragh. (A)

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Sunday December 12th

Glenville: Mass 10am

Moss & Joe Hickey, Badgershill. (A)

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Watergrasshill: Mass 11.30am

Dave & Nellie Keane, Bushy Park. (A)
Fr. John Keane, Australia. (died recently)


Willie Forde, Graigue
John C. O’Riordan, Skehanagh
Dan Cronin, Killuntin

We wish to welcome into our Christian Community

Matilda Emmie-Rae Jupp, Hillcrest

Offertory Collection: November 28 th . €1350
Marriage support: €675
East Africa Appeal: €2230 (update)

Confessions for Advent
Watergrasshill: Saturday, December 4th.
From 6.00 pm. Adoration begins at 6.00 pm.
Mass at 7.00 pm.
Glenville: Saturday, December 18th.
Confessions at 12noon.
Watergrasshill: Confessions at 2.00 pm.

“God’s forgiveness is stronger than any sin.”

Pope Francis

Morning Liturgy
The Morning Liturgy (usually held on Tuesday) must
be looked at again. We are advised that it should not
distribute Holy Communion because Holy
Communion should come only from the
Celebration of Mass. Instead the Liturgy should have
the Word of God, Intercessions, and either Morning
or Evening Prayer.

Weekly Envelopes
The weekly envelope boxes will be left out for
collection in each Church this weekend.
Thank you so much, not just for your contributions
but for signing up for the tax-back return forms
Please consider joining for the first time – you can
give details at office.

Some recent thoughts
As part of the follow-up to the recent Killarney
Conference of Priests, I joined a number of my
colleagues on a Zoom call this week. We had been
divided into groups at one stage examining different
ideas that had been put forward for us to explore.
The idea we latched on to was a CHURCH ROOTED IN
TO THE SYNOD. Pope Francis has called the Synod
for late 2023 and every parish in Ireland is asked to
prepare for it and to guide the Church in the next
few years. Our little group believes that the Word of
God, the Scriptures are our guide and the best way is
to use them as foundation of our faith. What does
this mean? Well, very simply, we should read the
Scriptures, study them, bring them to life in our own
lives, and know our own faith as a result. We must
explore and learn together.
How do we do this? There are Scripture Groups; we
have had them in this parish; some places have
Lectio Divina groups. But another idea has been
proposed: the Alpha Course.
I am only vaguely aware of the Alpha Course. It
began in the UK with a Church of England clergyman
called Nicky Gumble. But there is a strong Catholic
group associated with it also and a few of our priests
have become involved. One of them has said they
were responsible for his own growth and knowledge
in faith. We have promised to stay in touch about it,
receive more information, and explore the Course
together. It can be done through Zoom. Speaking as
someone who could barely cope with Facebook a
year ago, I have found we can also set up Zoom
(maybe with a little help from family members!)
So, this is what I hope for our parish right now: that
we might explore and grow in knowledge of our faith
together, celebrate each day as gift, and give thanks
for the blessings we have received. With our new
Parish Assembly being formed soon, we might pave
the way together.

Altar Servers
Out of an abundance of caution, we are releasing
our Altar Servers from service for a few weeks. We
hope to call them back for the weekend of
December 18 th ./19 th . Fourth Sunday of Advent and
throughout the Christmas season.