Second Sunday of Lent, Year B: Febuary 28th

Sat. March 6th

Watergrasshill: Vigil Mass 7pm

David & Nellie Keane, Bushy Park. (A)
David John Keane, Glenville. (A)

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Sun. March 7th

Glenville: Mass 10am

Connie Hegarty, Glenville. (A)

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Mon. March 8th

Mass 9.30am

Special Intention

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Tues. March 9th

Mass 7pm

Michael & Mary Fouhy, Ardnageeha. (A)

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Wed. March 10th

Mass 12 noon

Sr. Ita Desmond, Poor Servants of the Mother of God

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**Adoration: 10am to 12 noon in Watergrasshill

Thurs. March 11th

Mass 12 noon

Dick Cahill, Bridestown. (50 th . A)

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**Adoration: 10am to 12 noon in Glenville

Fri. March 12th

Mass 7.00pm

Michael Collins, Graigue. (died recently)

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With Stations of the Cross

Sat. March 13th

Watergrasshill: Vigil Mass 7pm

Tom Fitzgerald, Briedstown. (A)

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Sun. March 14th

Glenville: Mass 10am

Timmy Forde, Mullinabouree. (A)

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Month’s Mind:
Michael Collins, Graigue


Jack O’Riordan, St. Stephen’s Tce.,
Flor O’Leary, St. Stephen’s Tce.,
Elizabeth McHugh, Ardnageeha
Con Collins, Ballybrack

Second Collection next weekend
Irish Bishop’s Commission

Offertory Collection January 2021: €4305
Shrines & Crib Money December/January €1715

Money Matters
First of all, thank you so much for your
generous support at Christmas. I am sorry for
raising money matters again so soon.
I am just leaving the envelopes for Spring and
Easter two collections (for the priest) in each
Church. Some people have already given
Spring offerings.
I thank you so much. You are already under a
lot of pressure I simply leave the envelopes in
each Church for you to take if you wish.
I cannot thank you all enough for your
generosity so far.
As you can see, no day goes by without people
calling with envelopes or other offerings to the
vault at the front of each Church or the post
box or to the Office, thank you all so much.
God bless you:

“Lent is a new
beginning a, a path
leading to the certain
goal of Easter, Christ’s
victory over death.”

St. Francis

First Confession
This time last year, the Sacrament of First
Penance or Confession had been received by
Second Class in both schools: Glenville on Ash
Wednesday and Watergrasshill on the
following day. The timing of this year’s
Sacrament will be determined by return to
school. In the meantime I ask parents and
children to go through and pray the Act of
Sorrow every day. The home book that you
have on this Sacrament is very helpful in this
and should be studied together at home over
the next few weeks. Similarly, a visit to the
Church would be good as indeed would taking
the Trocaire Envelope home. That Envelope
contains the Trocaire Box and gives you and
your child an opportunity to donate some
small gift of money regularly towards a family
in South Sudan and could be seen as part of
the preparation for the Sacrament of Penance.
The story about the people being helped
would also be an important way for your
family working together at this time. Knowing
about other peoples’ lives and their struggles
might help us all in our own struggles. Once
the Sacrament of Penance will be received;
hopefully soon after Easter; we will prepare
then for First Holy Communion, at a later date
than that published, if necessary.

Sacrament of Confirmation
This Sacrament was conferred last year in
Watergrasshill in early March, just before
lockdown. We have no idea when that will
happen this year. Again, a good guide will be
the date of schools re-opening. In the
meantime I ask parents and those preparing to
receive the Sacrament to read through and
pray the Apostles’ Creed together. This lies at
the heart of the Sacrament and I will go
through it with them some time after Glenville
school re-opens.