Watergrasshill & Glenville Parish

Diocese of Cork and Ross

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Snippets from Watergrasshill – Glenville Parish Past and Present

The Book “Snippets from Watergrasshill – Glenville Parish Past and Present” was published in 2008 and sold for €15. This is a highly subsidised rate, as the book has lots of colour photos, which make it costly to produce, but a treasure to have.

Sincerest thanks to all who contributed and supported the project to commemorate the passing of the “Curates Residence”. Special Thanks to Batt Dunlea for his huge input.

So much of our local history and folklore is lost. It is lost now more than ever because there is less conversation around culture, as people watch more TV and concentrate more on sport. This is one small attempt to preserve a flavour of times past and present. It is our way of honouring those whose work and faith were the building blocks of what we have today.

Any other two people, other than Batt Dunlea and Fr. Cashman might have chosen different “Snippets”, and present them differently. We hope they will now be encouraged to do so.

Anyone who has not had a chance to buy the book locally may contact the website administrator by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to acquire a copy.