Watergrasshill & Glenville Parish

Diocese of Cork and Ross

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Funerals, Marriage, Baptisms and Confessions



To arrive at the church at 7pm, but on Saturdays, Sundays and the eve of holydays must be no later than 4:30pm, due to evening Masses etc. No eulogy at Funeral Masses.

Urgent Sick calls & Funeral Masses

When Fr. Cotter is not available, please look for a priest that is available from the surrounding parishes – only for these essential services.

  • Fr. Barry, St. Coleman’s : 086 8157952
  • Glanmire: 086 8168668;
Funeral planning
Arrival to the Church on Saturdays and the eve of Holy days must be no later than 4:30pm due to evening masses etc.
No eulogy at Funeral Masses.
One of the saddest and most sensitive events in any parish is when a parishioner dies. The bereaved family is plunged into grief, often of unbearable proportions. We are constantly trying to improve our ministry to the grief stricken family both during the days of the funeral and afterwards. The Pastoral Area of Carrig na bhFear, Glanmire, Glounthaune and Watergrasshill have decided to address a serious issue for bereaved families.Funeral
The bereaved family need time and space BY THEMSELVES to say the final good-bye to their loved one before the coffin is closed and the journey to the church begins.
This is often delayed by the last minute rush. While sympathisers mean well, and families find great support from them, it is unfair and disconcerting to drag out this moment of grief unnecessarily and delay their last good – bye at this very sensitive moment. Their grief must come first
So the only time arranged by the family with the church that will be publicised is the time of ARRIVAL AT THE CHURCH. The family will arrange with the Funeral Director what time the Lying in Repose will begin. How long that is, is their decision entirely. The priest will be at the funeral home to say the prayers at a time agreed by the family and funeral director but this will not be publicised.
The Death Announcement will include something as follows: “ ….. Lying in repose from …….. pm and arriving at The Church of the Immaculate Conception, Watergrasshill,  at 7 pm. …..”
After the reception prayers, the church will remain open as long as is necessary to enable everybody present to sympathize with the bereaved family. This has been agreed by all four parishes of our new Pastoral Area and the funeral Directors have been informed.It may feel & sound strange for a while, but it will benefit the bereaved family.





At least 4 months notice is needed to the church, and seperatly to the local Civil Register.

Each party completes Marriage documents at least 3 months before marriage in Ireland, and at least 4 months before marriage abroad.

A premarriage course is obligatory for all couples. Please arrange well in advance of the big day.

Cork & Ross Pre Marriage Courses and Marriage Connselling Centre: 021-4275658


The Civil Requirememts are that all couples need to contact The Registrars Office at Adelaide Street, Cork, Tel. 021-4275126 for the information that applies to you. It is entirely the couple's responsibility to know the regulations and see that they, and all involved with their wedding comply with them


  1. The Priest officiating at the marriage must be on the Registrars List of Solemnisers (priests). Priests not working in the Diocese must apply to the Bishop to be added to the list - temporarily.

  2. A new Marriage Registration Form will be drawn up for the couple when they go to the Registrars Office to give notice of their intended marriage more than 3 months before the date of marriage. This will have a lot more information and will replace the Civil Form filled out by the priest up to now

  3. After being greeted by the priest at the altar both must make a public verbal declaration of no civil impediment, according to an approved formula. This must be signed and witnessed after the Mass/cermony, as well as the couples Marriage Registration Form. The couple must register the marriage within a month.


Note: there are no changes to the church's requirements for marriage.







During the Easter Vigil and on the 2nd and 4th complete weekend of every month. 2 weeks notice required.

Glenville: Saturday at 6 pm only

Watergrasshill: Saturday 4pm









Saturdays: Before evening masses.

Eve of Holy Day: Before evening mass.

First Friday: Before evening mass.

Penitential Services: The week before Christmas and Easter as announced.